AEG Company

Founded in 1992, Armatron Electronics Guard (AEG) specializes in providing communication and security solutions to homes and businesses. AEG also services Nortel and Inter-Tel. We are a professional, hard working company that understands the importance of reliable service and support. In addition, we have built our business on a reputation for quality service and dependable production.

“We are your Communication and Security Solution
Our Vision

We believe that business success depends on long-term relationships with our customers. Our philosophy is to provide you with impartial facts and budgets, so that you can make informed decisions regarding to your present and future needs.

AEG integrates your existing and potential communication systems, such as voice/video conferencing, call management, and data networks so that your business can work smarter, faster, and more securely.

AEG knows that mobility is important to your business. Our business solutions offers devices that provide complete mobility to your communication and security systems, thus improving customer response time, and reducing missed calls.

Our team has over 30 years of working experience in providing communication and security solutions. AEG strengthens your business by supplying high quality telecommunication products. At the same time, AEG protect your business by supplying reliable security systems. In addition, we provide ongoing national service and support.
AEG has three core values:
High quality and reliable products

AEG understand that security and communication systems are the bridge between you and your customers. If the communication system goes down, it is lost revenue realization. If the security system fails, your business may be put in jeopardy. Therefore, AEG guarantees we only sell high quality and reliable products to our customers ensuring maximum operational effectiveness.

Provide excellent customer service

AEG is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We accomplish this through effective communication and being responsive to our customers. In addition, we provide you with impartial facts and budgets, so that you can make informed decisions regarding to your present and future needs.

On site and after sales training

AEG realizes that most customers do not know how to use the communication and security equipment effectively. Most users only utilize up to 30% of the system capabilities, especially for the voice mail system. Therefore, AEG provides on site training on how to use the system to its maximum effectiveness after install.

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